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Like a young crew of Hip Hop Lee Ritenour’s, Sumochief bring the smooth progressive jazz on their latest EP. Their unique filter finds them re-contextualizing Dilla and Busta interview snippets over shape-shifting guitar runs from Oscar Laurence on 1of1; Joe Armon-Jones scatters loose keys amongst Olly Sarkar’s swinging snares, with both moving from background to lead roles during the song’s seven minute odyssey, anchored by Jack Polley’s walking basslines that orbit a central refrain. Gator Season continues this immersive journey with another winding epic, this time drawing inspiration from Frank Zappa as his poignant words float above glissando guitars and mellow organs, driven by a swinging beat.

The band’s boom bap influence shines on through the lyrical styles Slam The Poet and Cecil B Demented drop on Segundo, while Happy Joy revels in the dance not the destination; slowly building in intensity while further clarifying the band’s take on creative expression through timeless teachings from the Alan Watts series Tao Of Philosophy. London emcee MADLean blesses the closing track It Is What It Is with confident flows, amplifying the aspects that made his 2013 release Batteries Not Included such a banger as he gets busy over piano lines so sample-able you’d they came off PoincianaTraining in classical jazz may not be the first trait you look for when searching for new Hip Hop artists, but it’s gifted the four men in Sumochief the knowledge to assemble some of this year’s most interesting instrumentals; don’t sleep.

Get it here.



A UK Hip Hop Retrospective 2012-2013.

 Just Incase you missed any of the stormers the UK put out in the last year, here’s a few off the top of my head.


CYRUS MALACHI: This guy always blows minds, If you’ve ever seen ‘Hidden Colors’ or read into the euro-centric perspective american and british history has been given; then the Triple Darkness team member is exactly what you’ve been looking for musically, Spittin interactive history lessons with more style than any guy rappin about whippin up a batch on the stove. Cannot recommend this album and his preceding LP ‘Ancient Future’ enough.

‘Contraband’ off Black Athena:

‘Crimson’ off Ancient Future:


THE BOOK THIEVES: Nice, laidback duo from Oxford. Ol-E Mac and Legoman released ‘In Spite Of Everything’ and ‘Why do we do this everyday?’ a year ago.

‘Beauty’ off ‘Why We Do This Everyday’:


CONCEPT OF THOUGHT:  Brighton based trio making that classic boom bap underground sound.

‘Our Thought’:

Frankie Stew’s stuff with Harvey Gunn is worth a look too. ‘07239’:


 SE FIRE: Bristol based group who dropped this dark dub-driven album this time last year. It’s a haunting, claustrophobic debut that draws you in and keeps you there.

The end of this video’s amazing. ‘In Every’ taken from ‘Match in the Ocean’:


TRELLION AND SNIFF: Sheffield duo spitting grossness from the weed pits. North Luna’s just been reissued in vinyl too for the headz.

‘How Many Times’ off ‘North Luna’:


HAWK HOUSE: Nice chilled trio reminiscent of the classic Roots sound, real cool to hear some decent, natural female vocals on some shit too.


‘We Got Bored’:


THE LAST SKEPTIK: dropped one of my favourite videos of this year so far with ‘Pick Your Battles’, his new album ‘Thanks For trying’ is well worth the cheap price the physical copy costs.

Pick Your Battles:

Lullaby ft Jehst:


 LEAF DOG: Natures greatest Remixs is the High Focus Beat master’s Ill mixes of Q-tip, Busta Rhymes, Ghostface Killah, The Fugees,

Cypress Hill, Dr.Dre, Raekwon, Kool G Rap…. seriously I don’t need to go on, just buy the fuckin thing here:


MADLEAN: Got reminded of how awesome this was last night, seriously worth a look.

The mans smooth as fuck, the beats bang constantly an the artworks sick, check it here:


SKUFF: As soon as I write this I’m guna go dig this album out of a crate in the garage and blast it.

I listened to it when non stop when it came out at the end of last year, It’s honest, heartfelt, and ‘The Jewel’ is a classic.

‘The Jewel’:



 MYSTROGEN:  Mysdiggi’s a cheeky guy, his wit and big personality shine through on every track on this slammin album he put out at the end of last year.

‘Neighbours’ and ‘Da Milkman’ are hilariously entertaining, ‘Mystentatious’ parts 1 & ” are on it with the wordplay, and the rest of the album is rammed with catchy hooks and his trademark charm.

‘That Rush’:

‘You ain’t Right’:


 SPLIT PROPHETS: All their shits worth a look, esp ‘Scribbled Thoughts’ from 2011. ‘Drugs, Booze & Dental Issues’ is the latest from the Bristol Collective’s Res & Datkid, produced by Baileys Brown and Badhabitz from Krate Krusaders.


‘Devil’s Lettuce’ ft Leaf Dog & BVA ( B.O.T.S. ) :


VERB T: Uplifting, funny, completely british in attitude, and a great listen, verb T’s latest is one of his best yet.

Definitely more cohesive as a whole than some of his other albums; and with the tasteful selection of guests and immaculate production throughout it’s def one for the collection!

‘Said & Done’ :

‘The Morning Process’ :


KLASHNEKOFF: Fuck The Long Talk is Klash on form and killing every track, the Terra Firma general just keeps cementing himself as one of the best in the UK with every release. The productions polished but raw, Beat Butcha, Red Spyda and B Clever bringing out the bangers, and Last Resort and Show N Prove providing the mellow, reflective joints. Lyrically, he shines on every track, ‘Elevardo’ is so epic I can’t even put it into words without putting my fist through the screen; and ‘Brand new Day’ is an instant classic.

‘Dat Time’:

‘Brand New Day’ :

All albums worth checking out/ raiding your nan’s old Jammy Dodger tin she keeps her loose change in to afford!