High Focus 4th Birthday


Is this you? Are you bored? Did your exciting plans for the weekend drift away like a fart on a breeze, leaving you feeling low and distracted? High Focus can remedy that; as this Friday they’ve assembled UK Hip Hop’s finest, taking their yearly wreck up to new hedonistic heights by expanding their line-up, and finding an even larger stage to destroy at London’s Brixton Electric. After years of hard work, releasing over twenty home-grown Hip Hop classics from some of the country’s foremost MC’s; High Focus are set to celebrate their fourth year in the game, with live sets from everyone at the label, and unmissable appearances by Klashnekoff, Jehst, Buggsy, Kashmere, Children Of The Damned, Onoe Caponoe and Pete Cannon.

If there’s one thing that’ll cure your boredom and break up that crushing British work-week mundanity, it’s spending a few hours battering your ear holes with nothing but dope lyrics and heavy beats courtesy of Fliptrix and co. It’s guna be huge!


Rescue your weekend from the doldrums & help HF continue their boom-bap, born-day tradition by getting your ticket here.


Stupid Poignant Sh!t.


Swag, swag, shut the fuck up posh boy. I’m in Runcorn bumping Gucci Mane and reading Tolstoy”

 Stupid Poignant Sh!t Is fucking gross in the best way possible, I’ve been listening to it every day since Monday and I swear it drags you down into the pits with it until you feel like sitting in a hovel and chewing glass. As an MC and producer Lee Scott’s been killing it for time, Tourette’s Camp was as dope back in ’07 as it is now,  from then he steadily put out a slew of beat tapes and albums on Blah records, most recently reuniting with Bill Shakes to make Grumpy Underground Comeback Sh!t. Illinformed has been steadily building his reputation as one of the strongest up and coming producers in the underground over the last year through old fashioned hard work and straight up talent. Now that they’ve both put their energy into one place, the result is this mad voyage into the cavernous minds of Two of the UK’s finest beatmakers.

Lee Scott leaves Illinformed to the boards on this one though, and grabs the mic to spit noxious bars that are loaded with spite and negativity but underscored with a dark sense of humour and sharp wit that keeps his content from slipping completely into despondency. The rhymes on Stupid Poignant Sh!t are some engaging, enigmatic stanzas.

“Same look, different caption, if you didn’t take a picture for Facebook, it didn’t happen, now play something while I base jump into a shallow bath, I hear destruction’s at the bottom of this narrow path”

He’s got his own style that rubs off on every track making it memorable, tracks like WOOD RAT just wouldn’t be as good in the hands of another MC, his cocky lyrics constantly buck what you expected, even in the same line he’ll set something up and then take you another way. Predictability with your bars is something every MC worth his salt works to avoid, and on Grumpy Underground Sh!t Lee’s pulling it off with every line. Each track’s got it’s own identity, and only gets more infectious with time. SUNSHINE has been stuck in my head every day since I heard it last week, that bass sound is stinkingly good and it’s accompanied by one of the best vids to come out of the UK recently. The filter on the colour makes it look like a straight-to-video no budget shlock horror filmed in the Midlands; there’s a grimly funny black comedy to the way he dances with shrubs, fails to eat through the mask, and calls himself ‘Leezus’.

. The more chilled tracks like ANOTHER WAY and CAPITAL DUMB still pack in more greasy nastiness than a Donner, I still can’t work out what the fuck’s goin on in THE DENT, THE MIDGET, AND THE PARCEL‘s crazed groundhog day dreamscape, and stand out track NAH KID featuring Sly Moon from Children Of The Damned is some funky head bopping shit with flutes and catchy hooks.

Riseone’s cuts fatten up all the songs they’re used on and his patterns are new and original. On tracks like BASEY BAT RAP featuring Broom Man from Herrotics, he’s not just taking a Battle Breaks compilation and crab scratching ‘aaahs’, he’s pickin some crackin samples and manipulating them with steez, slowing and speeding up his record hand to make disjointed rhythms that fit each track’s tone.  After Illinformed’s uplifting, soulful sampling on The Brothers Of The Stone album earlier this year, hearing him diversify and take his soundscapes to a grimier place cements his standing as someone to watch for big things in the coming years. His beats skulk about in background ominously and provide enough gleam to add a glimpse of light in each track on this otherwise murky LP. If you’re into the darker side of UK Hip Hop this albums guna be in spin constantly for the rest of your year, it’s packin tonnes of personality and style and has it’s own flava that stays in your mouth for days.

Go get a taste here.