Dynamic Equilibrium : Post Crack Era


Queens emcee Alpha Memphis and Brooklyn producer Machia have channelled the spirit that infused Revolutionary Vol 1 and Lets Get Free with their new LP  Post Crack Era. On twelve insightful tracks the duo drop nothin’ but knowledge through rhymes that light the shadowy corners of society few explore. Pangea sets it off with one of the album’s strongest tracks, before Machia loops catchy flutes for Alpha to remind ‘Don’t Believe The Hype’ on Propaganda. A classic sample source gets a fresh flip to mirror Lucidity‘s reflective tone, and serious lines adorn sombre piano runs on the more ominous Killers Move In Silence.

As the album reaches it’s mid-point rock-solid rhymes from Rome Clientel span from Christ to Malcolm on Lies, Alpha’s pen game shows versatility on the soulful sounds of Hunger Games, and classical pianos cleanly underscore heady wordplay on Deity’s Scriptures. Throughout the whole LP the content never falters for a second, serving up banquet-sized portions of  that food for thought to offer an alternative to the two minute Happy Meal radio raps we’re advertised daily. This healthy lyrical alternative shines as sweeping Rhodes notes litter heavy breaks on Forever, and King I Divine collaborator ScienZe pens a searing sixteen on the anthemic Age Of Enlightenment.

Historically-relevant flows and hitting beats peaks once more on Dear Father, calming the tone for the album to slip into Rebelation‘s soothing melodies as Falon Sierra provides a beautiful hook amidst Alpha’s calls to awakening; and as Change closes out the LP with another heartfelt message of hope for the next generation, it’s invigorating to hear Dynamic Equilibrium utilize the medium for it’s highest purpose; spreading wisdom as they carry on tradition.

Buy it here.



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