Toofless & SufYan : Neospective Glitch


As the brainchild of two Sudanese artists that have never met in person, Neospective Glitch is remarkably synchronised musically. Khartoum-based producer SufYan and Sharjah emcee Toofless brought their collective inspiration to fruition back in March of this year, creating eight mentally-nourishing tracks that orbit around a central theme. “Everything’s connected, we are all effective, elevating to a higher plain of Neospective” rhymes Toofless on the introductory title track, balancing SufYan’s ethereal electronics with inspiring rhymes. On L.O.V.E the pair reach for universal truth by accepting the dualities of life, before SufYan’s simmers vibraphone tones to perfection on the mellow interlude Celestial Navigation.

Hamdan Al Abri elevates the already stellar sounds on Relevant to new musical heights with a beautifully understated hook; shining between divinely-inspired verses that find Toofless drawing from a seemingly-infinite well of wisdom; before the meditative tone briefly subsides on Unaligned‘s romanticisms, then Toofless poignantly anthropomorphizes the cradle of civilization on Black Hole (Africa). After SufYan re-iterates the pair’s transcendental perspective on Star Formation, the personal poeticisms of Shifts close this thought-provoking, boundary-dissolving EP; honest and heartfelt to it’s core, Neospective Glitch is Hip Hop synthesised to it’s purest form.

Buy it here.



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