Kista & Glad2Mecha : Collecting Dust


One look at Collecting Dust‘s Hip Hop interpretation of the Places and Spaces cover art and it’s easy to see that the dusty fingers behind Soundweight Records and Dusty Platter have stayed diggin’ since Kista’s Pushin’ Buttons 12″. This new LP continues their run of essential vinyl presses as Kista links with Arizona-based emcee Glad2Mecha, creating thirteen dope tracks that fuse ill lyricism with the crackle of old 45’s. Since winter 2013 the pair have been outlining the blueprint for Collecting Dust; discussions on their influences, favourite records, and the sound they wanted to achieve led to the pair trading beats and bars back and forth, culminating in this traditional take on the golden era sound with a modern twist.

The test press package and cassette/vinyl combo have sold out, but you can still get your hands on the 12″ vinyl here.



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