Skrabl : Life Through Kaleidoscope Eyes


Skrabl’s been steadily smashing mics since his 2011 album Board Of The Game. His last release, 2013’s Same You Different Me was a slick blend of soulful boom-bap and intense rhymes, and with his new LP Life Through Kaleidoscope Eyes the Essex emcee has upped his lyrical levels a step further. Once the epic title track sets things off and Skrabl tries ‘to find balance in these tightrope times’, Oozhe swirls flute melodies around intricate couplets on Underdog, while Wise Words serves up more rawness; demonstrating the skill with which this rapid rhymer blends dexterous verses with well-written hooks.

The early Mud Fam steez of Acidic Phlegm alongside the melodic soul samples of Baton Down The Hatches both find him writing more massive choruses, then venting his frustrations while seeking positive change through furiously impassioned flows on Glass Dreams and Lose Sight. As the album winds down and Oppenheimer scripts planetary demise through a grim cadence, it’s clear that Skrabl’s honesty lends Life Through Kaleidoscope Eyes it’s wider perspective, one that looks past the everyday mundanity of British living to reflect the humanity underneath.

Grab the album from ThinkZebra.



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