Mirapid: The Green Season


Se Fire producer Mirapid has just dropped his first instrumental EP on fledgling Bristol label Ghosted. Expanding upon the experimental elements he incorporated into the group’s 2012 Match in The Ocean LP, the five tracks on The Green Season erupt into a heady blend of pulsing rhythms, cyclical garage vocals and heavy dub. Clean percussion propels the ambient melodies on Morning; building tension patiently as short vocal hooks are draped over tribal drums on the claustrophobic intro; then Broken Limb opens up to reveal luscious expanses of sound that hide something new around every unanticipated musical turn.

Zombie Pool Party builds on entrancing house rhythms with organic sounds that envelop you as they unwind, while Strings For Synth provides much-needed breathing room; using light electronic touches to top warm waves of synth as they crash onto the track then quietly withdraw. Heavy kicks knock hard on the title cut, pounding the EP towards it’s conclusion with pitched vocal chops that wail like sirens; screaming through thick basslines as they bubble under warped keys.

The skilful composition is what makes the EP so hypnotic. Each section intertwines to co-exist harmoniously with every other component as the tunes flourish with a natural feel, lightyears away from your average four-to-the-floor build or wobbly drop; and although this style of electronic music gets bitten heavily, when it’s done well it’s undeniable. On The Green Season Mirapid has pulled it off flawlessly.

Buy it here.


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