Cormega : Mega Philosophy


Cormega has always been regarded as one of Queen’s finest, since he first stepped in the game over two decades ago he’s blessed beats with some of the best and penned countless quotables. Large Professor is one of the main architects of modern beatmaking, who continued where Marley Marl left off to elevate the craft while carving his own niche, pioneering techniques, and inspiring generations of aspiring producers in the process. Mega Philosophy sees the two legends align for the first time, dropping a thoughtful, measured record that demonstrates the power Hip hop still has when it’s in responsible hands. Front to back the duo stay true to their roots, packing choice chops and dexterous couplets in abundance as A New Day Begins blooms with delicate piano samples, and Redman, AZ, and Styles P fire precise lyrical projectiles over smooth guitar notes on MARS.

Mega puts prophets over profits with insightful lines on Industry, while Xtra P flips JB breaks and mellow harps on More, as the rhymes equate major label obligations to slavery, lament Mumia’s lengthy incarceration, and condemns the prison industrial complex. It’s Cormega’s commanding lyrical perspective that makes the album so timeless; rhyming ‘Maybe I’m stubborn, I refuse to be, a grown man rappin’ ’bout money, clothes and jewellery’ on Reflection, then flowing honestly alongside Nature on Divine Unity. Raekwon’s powerful presence sets Honorable off strong as Large Pro loops luminous vocals and Mega shines on a huge hook; and after Rap Basquiat bops through with an old school lean, Maya Azucena ‘s sultry melodies provide Rise with another memorable  chorus.

 Home finds Mega’s cadence clinging to the break under Large Pro’s funky bassline; leading into even more immaculate samples and sincere words on closing cut Valuable Lessons; ‘Ignorance can’t match infinite wisdom, it’s supreme over weak schemes and hidden agendas.’ Mega Philosophy is a guide to remaining relevant in a cut-throat industry, a how-to for the new generation that think ‘Wu Tang Forever’ is another teary-eyed Drake tune. By staying true to the five elements, these legendary Hip Hop practitioners have created a modern classic, one that draws from their years of musical mastery but stays facing the future; if you know your KPM from your De Wolfe, this one’s for you.

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