Ridgewell : Transitions


This promising EP from Bay Area beatmaker Ridgewell is sure to set him on the path towards musical recognition. His creative production methods find him creating distinct soundscapes through the SP303, 404, 202, MPC 2000 and Ableton Live, then binding them together with smooth scales from his electric bass. His style keeps it’s cool as the songs slowly unwind, revealing an accomplished ear for loops and a talent for organic song structure that comes surprisingly fully-formed considering it’s the producer’s début release.

Once Ibegins loose and funky, stomping kicks start off Joan with crystalline shakers that fizzle between warping loops; then Give showcases the producer’s subtler side, as he layers airy melodies over percussive breaks; blending jazzy overtones with fresh cuts from his turntable. The already mellow mood relaxes further with Dusk‘s placid, swinging hat patterns, before a classic Mos Def sample begins Beef, and the deep groove of Ridgewell’s bass anchors the low end. Matter sprawls, lounging to jazz loops before the jilted dance-able sounds of Take lifts the bpm then sweeps it cleanly into Out. Neatly assembled and perfectly executed, Transitions is the sound of someone fully dedicated to their craft; and with room for future experimentation, there’s no reason Ridgwell’s chilled instrumentals couldn’t appeal to a wider, more eclectic audience.

Buy it digitally or on limited cassette, here.



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