Ray Vendetta & Greater Good : Effortless


Triple Darkness MC Ray Vendetta expands his lyrical perspective on this latest collab with London producer Greater Good. Written in just five days, the EP features some of Ray’s finest work to date. Broken Ladders begins with calm beats for mentally cleansing listening, Ray’s steadfast flows offering honest reflection next to catchy hooks from Saab. Fly Symphony cruises through your ear canal like the subtle G tones of Roc Marc, while Pologomy sees Ray and K Zorro rhyming with force.

Mary J Affair shines through a haze of piff smoke as Tesla’s Ghost, Stinkin Slumrok and Joey Menza join Ray to write mellow dedications to the green over lean-up loops, then Greater Good steps his already stellar beat-game up to new heights on Give Thanks as subtle jazz samples form a smooth bedrock of sounds, cradling Black Chronical’s catchy chorus. Saab’s second feature comes more overtly melodic than her first, her prominent tones crafting Captured into a soulful listen, before Many Moons Ago finds Ray reminiscing over chilled piano notes

Seductive vocal samples swirl on Watching You, offering Vendetta an opportunity for calmer flows before his lines meditate on Chronos with Invisible Clocks, and manifest intricately on closing posse cut Rise & Fall. This switch-up in style shows further versatility from the London MC, and as the first of three upcoming projects set for 2014, the next direction Ray’s music might take is refreshingly hard to pin down.

Buy it here.



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