Man Of Booom : Back To The Booom


If your 90’s Hip Hop vinyl is so worn all you can hear is crackles and pops, last year’s Man Of Booom LP has got what you need. The three-man crew take everything that made the Pharcyde, Souls and Tribe so dope, then add on some Slum, Dilated, and Heiroglyphics to form a traditional, yet forward-thinking sound that pays homage to their influences, while retaining their unique sonic fingerprint.

 Fading horn stabs and filtered jazz loops  let you know you’re in good company as soon as the title track kicks, while Catch The Beat bumps with a Beatnuts steez, and Headnod Jazz Compadres stands out for Figub Brazlevic’s serene sample selections, crusing under Madame Fleur’s subtle intonations and ill verses from Teknical Development. The love they lace their tracks with can be felt on B.O.O.M and Sneaky, while From Now To Then is a heartfelt dedication to the genre that reminisces on Hip Hop like Common did back in the day.

 Rob Real and DJ Hypercuts bless a gritty, Buckwild-style street beat on Fire In The Air, while Madame Fleur’s haunting vocals weave through tight rhymes on Get Out‘s cool jazz loops. As the LP reaches it’s climax DJ Scratch Dope does just that, cutting up some classic lines over the dusted snares and mellow samples on Melody Spells, making for an album highlight, then leaving Circus to close with more deft lyrical gymnastics from Tek, replacing internet fame and mainstream wackness with reality raps over funky sax lines. Front to back the trio effortlessly blend boom-bap breaks with laidback lyrical styles, making this a no-brainer for fans of the foundational 5 elements.

Get the wax here, or the digital copy here.



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