Brother Beatbox : Vol. 3


As the main beatmaker for UK duo Natural Selection, the music Brother Beatbox makes reflects the long hours he spends diggin. With some beautiful sample selections, his latest release is a classy, well-produced take on traditional boom-bap that combines his MPC with live instrumentation. Get It In knocks with an old school bump, reminding ‘Hip Hop ain’t about chains and watches’, jazz refrains crackle under refined sixteens and a well-written chorus from L.A crew Rebels To The Grain on Raise Ya’ Glass; while the awesome recurring vocal chop on Pen & Paper comes with a music video that’ll have you throwing cash at your nearest record dealer. HarpNod‘s placid horns glimmer with an oriental aura, strengthened by sparing double snare hits and the four emcee vocal assault from Deeflux, Lego, Tenchoo and Destruct; then after Mikey T’s positive, but harsh delivery on New Beginning, the cooled-out grooves of The Hills Are Alive keep the quality quota up.

South Broad’s rhymes are equally eccentric and entertaining on Oversees, which flies by with a speed that’ll have you reaching for that replay button. Rebels To The Grain pen another flawless performance on Another Day, with a tangible mental awareness that elevates their lyricism to levels unmatched on the rest of the record. Aviate soars with simple loops, whilst Zen offers a more convoluted arrangement, fortified by Tha Connection’s slick bars. UK stalwarts Benny Diction and Able8 rip the mic on Another City, leaving the final Rebels To The Grain feature to close the record with reflective rhymes on Slow Down. I wasn’t up on volumes one and two, but after hearing Vol. 3, I’m guna have to go back and check out everything Brother Beatbox has ever produced, his ear for loops is highly attuned, with quality production work that scales new heights when aligned with talented emcee’s.

Buy it here.



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