Cruel Therapy


Hailing from Cologne, Germany, Cruel Therapy consists of two producers and two MC’s with a love for golden era boom bap. On every dope line and dusted snare, this début collaboration takes you back to when lyricism mattered, tracks like 20th Century Gold find Fortified Mind and Edgar Wallis joyfully dedicating lines to KRS-1 and Das EFX, plotting the rise of the artform from it’s Bronx beginnings to now. You Want The Real!? becomes rhetorical as soon as the beat kicks, Dienst & Schulter’s production meshing Preem with Dre under more fly rhymes; while Rotten Apples stinks as pleasantly as Dog Sh*t did on Forever.

After the title track echoes Jaylib’s hype vocals, Indigo ( The Message) allows the lyricism space to shine, providing some of the best bars on the record and an ill chorus with heaps of style; while the obligatory weed track Greenhouse transforms normally stagnant subject matter by viewing the herb subjectively, examining legalization laws, and observing looming business interests as they prepare to dip their greasy fingers into the chronic jar. Fool On The Hill bangs on the political system with a lyrically expansive overview of the materialist mess we’re in, then Raw Life lightens the tone with it’s electronic funk, forbearing the futuristic sounds on Int’l Affairs as the emcee’s expound on their cultural roots.

3 - gPKhhAP

 As U.R.G finalizes this promising start, the lyricism deepens to ponder mortality, spirituality and divinity, and offer a positive parting message. On Cruel Therapy this talented clique of young Hip Hop heads prove their passion by blending a healthy base of knowledge with an unyielding enthusiasm for beats and rhymes; if they continue to produce for the love and write from the heart, they’ll be doing big things in the coming years.

Get the album for whatever price you feel is fair, here.




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