L Reece : Negative To Positive


Every now and again the underground turns up a lyrical gem; and this latest mixtape from London MC L Reece is worth it’s mental weight in gold. Harnessing the alchemical ability to transform bad to good, his verses are filled with insightful rhymes to inspire, making music that transcends any social situation or perceived boundary to unite listener and artist with the commonality of self-improvement. After the dope title track sets the tone, Facing Reality  sees Reece flowing somewhere between early Black The Ripper and Durrty Goodz as he keeps his bars street between catchy hooks, yearning for change as he documents the chaotic british capital; ‘Be a shepherd, not a sheep, don’t tag along, knowledge is all you need, don’t carry guns, they say it’s ride or die, on a Boris bike, cycling through London, all I see is horrid crime, solving no problem, circulating gossip hype, Im tryin’ to find the truth, in a world of lies.’

Trippin and No Molly change up the tone with wavy electronic vibes, trap snares and staggering hi hats before the boom bap gets back on track with Blinded as Reece explores racism, religion and warmongering for greed through the mixtape’s best bars. Caged keeps it conscious as the timeless words of George Carlin introduce catchy club sounds on this more mainstream banger; while the amen break is put to good use on the understated DnB of Adrenaline Rush. Once again the verbal skills of this talented MC resonate through carefully selected words replete with meaning, but it’s his flow that truly elevates Negative To Positive; setting it apart from the any run-of-the-mill grime rapper or boom-bap emcee.

You can get it right now for free, here.




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