Symphonik BANG: Exordium Armada


These two producers from the freezing peaks of the Swiss mountains bring nothing but heat. Musically the meshing of dramatic, sweeping soundscapes with heavy boom-bap breaks come as as the result of the culture clash between Chris Horn’s DJ and audio engineering background, and Nicolas Aubert’s ten years of academic classical training. The pair’s dynamic production style reflects their work for TV and film, as they bring a layer of classicality to the street-level acapellas they reinterpret, passing both well-known and obscure tracks through their unique filter to set the originals in an entirely new arena. The chilled out tones they dabble in on OD Anthem and That Tree show their ability to work in any genre, still ensuring even lean-up summertime vibes bang as hard as the heavier tracks; while their strength when it comes to dramatic arrangements over booming drums becomes earth shattering when backed by rugged MC’s.

Mayhem and Meta P verses tear up a tense eastcoast-influenced instrumental on Measure Up, while RA The Rugged Man’s latest project gets an operatic Champion remix. The way they use overblown string swells to build momentum makes for intense listening on Everyday and Hurt Locker; barely leaving you time to chill between songs as each heavy beat stomps it’s way through your ear drums, leaving boot-prints on your brain. The slightly misleading, heavy metal-inspired album cover becomes more justified when chromatic Slayer-style riffs rumble under quickfire lines from Revalation and Reks on Just For The Rhymes, followed by a stern orchestral arrangement that perfectly accommodates the veteran flows of AOTP’s Vinnie Paz on Drag You To Hell.

This year the duo aren’t only producing an album for legendary Sunz Of Man MC Shabazz The Disciple; they’re also releasing their full length Phonik Armada in September; swapping samples for live instrumentation for what promises to be a heavy underground collaboration with features from Afu Ra, AOTP, El Da Sensei, Torae, Reks and many more; it seems Exordium Armada is just the beginning for this talented production team, and it’s a strong start.

Get it here.




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