Unknown Mizery x Odweeyne : Smile


Anytime Unknown Mizery is on a project you can be pretty sure it’s guna be dope; since his Busking In Bombay collab with Canadian production team Arkeologists he’s released non-stop slammers, and this new partnership with French producer Odweeyne of So Cracked Lab keeps his flawless track record in tact, as the pair deliver seven heaters straight off the SP and into your ears. Building Pyramids begins with call-and-response rhymes steeped in historical and cultural significance; the Toronto-based emcee bringing that all important and often lacking fifth element, knowledge. Odweeyne’s production uplifts on Golden Feet, accompanying more poignant words; ‘what was the lesson learned? what does this moment mean? stay motivated, spreading love and crumble their regime.’

If you checked my review of The Context  you may recognize the sample Od loops on Let Me Breathe; his smooth vocal selection setting an emotive backdrop for Mizery’s honest rhymes to begin a double dosage of highlights as he immediately follows with his finest performance lyrically. Words flow laced with venom as Odweeyne’s ear for smooth soul vocals makes for buoyant instrumentals on Royal Flush, with a feel-good quality that amplifies tenfold when KRS-1 cuts are placed on the track’s boom-bap foundations. Smiling At The Rain switches up the styles with wooden, organic sounds that knock with that surreptitious ninja-assassin swagger that RZA pioneered on his ASR10; before sweeping vocal hums undulate under drums with a laidback swing on Sticky Bomb.

Closing track They Ain’t  Saying finds Mizery berating the mentally dead, zombified mindstate that allows injustice to take place; wrapping up this dope EP as insightfully as he begun. His commanding use of language to promote thought is commendable; blessing Odweeyne’s consistently solid production throughout to make this collab a must-have for fans of the classic Hip Hop sound.

Listen to song snippets here, and buy one of the 200 copies pressed to wax here.




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