Rebel Queen: Rebel Rouser


Rebel Queen’s singing voice is as serene as her rhymes are ferocious. The 24 year old self-described evolutionary from Boulder, Colorado, has been writing poetry since age seven, and after influence from her brother’s strong love for Hip Hop, was hitting stages by her late teens. After the sibling’s original crew disbanded, they formed Colorado Operations, and recently released The Real, adding to Rebel Queen’s already solid foundations laid with previous mixtapes. Her music brings balance between pop-structured melodic songwriting and straight-up wrecking the mic with rhymes rooted in integrity. Here’s a small selection from her rhymepad so far.

Eyes demonstrates that equilibrium I mentioned as delicate tones nestle next to hard verses. The chorus is massive, and her second verse amply conveys her capabilities when rhyming with narrative, although the ad-libs could do with sitting lower in the mix. Rebel Rouser finds her dropping heavy line after heavy line with a hunger you can’t manufacture. The organ lines that build on the second verse keep things moving, while her swear-heavy chorus seems overkill at first, by the last repetition I was all ‘fuckit they human faeces‘ right along with her. If she keeps making bangers like this there’s no doubt she’ll be where she wants be in no time.

Closer shows her more sensitive side as her singing voice switches to a sultry tone over a swinging horn sample, whilst those creatively emancipating mainstream leanings shine on Rising To Fall; one of her most infectious tunes so far. As young females with musical talent experience an almost constant bombardment from the blinding lights of commercial exploitation, a positive, strong message of self-respect and musical independence is refreshing to hear; with her tireless work ethic and natural gift for songwriting, the expansion of Rebel Queen’s musical reach beyond Colorado’s borders is inevitable.

Keep up with what she’s releasing by following her @RebelQueenCO, and check out her other tunes here.



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