Illinformed : Stay Sedated


Illinformed’s instrumentals have backed raps on last year’s Brothers Of The Stone LP, BVA’s Be Very Aware, NLP’s Free Your Mind, and his Stupid Poignant Sh!t collab with Children Of The Damned’s Lee Scott; His previous More Weed Money and Bottom Of The Bag beats tapes both knocked hard; and his third release is no different. Continuing this series of instrumentals motivated by marijuana, Stay Sedated picks up right where the last tape left off, but with yet another huge leap in the young producer’s progression.

Heavy soul swims through clean breaks and punchy drums throughout, with a polished sound cleaner than anything you’ve heard from him so far, but doesn’t compromise the warm sound or smooth sample choices that have made his last projects so listenable. After a strong start with Everything and a single, perfect loop on Ants; Toe Nail‘s jazz intro slows the mood, before the inebriated swing the producer has perfected returns as lumbering kicks knock under inventive vocal cuts. Dumb Wise swaggers with a big-band strut, while Duckets practically cries out for a verse from the RLD camp with it’s upbeat horns. One Ten combines a smooth intro with jarring strings, flowing back into more chilled, head-nod territory on Basically; leaving End‘s hype soul chops to build anticipation for the next time Illinformed puts out another chunk of the instrumental mountain he must be sitting on.

Get Stay Sedated here, and if you’re an MC, check his beats for sale here.




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