The Boomjacks : Moments In Space And Time


Dope online mag and record label U Call That Love have just released their inaugural LP, which provides a fine selection of smooth tunes from Finnish sibling beatmaking duo Jyri and Villejam; who after initially creating music separately, now collaborate on instrumental projects as The Boomjacks. After spending a few years making beats for MC’s to rhyme over, the brothers began to strive for a more musical listening experience; one that would trade rugged breaks and fliters for smooth jazz and easy listening melodies without foregoing their affinity for hard-hitting snares and boom-bap song structure. Moments In Space And Time brings together all The Boomjack’s efforts thus far, distilling their creative essence into a concise arrangement over fifteen short tracks that winds through genres.

Good Vibes and The Search quickly establish the relaxed methods they employ, but Jazz Peace is where things begin to really get interesting; the tune unfurls around a slow guitar strum, spouting sultry saxes, that lounge over the track as it grows., before Graveyard Shift knocks with a stilited piano loop that wouldn’t sound out of place over antiquated, sepia-toned silent film. Drips lifts the tone, sliding back to that smooth sound they established on the earlier tunes. The clean chops on Hitch work wonders, leading into yet more neat guitar loops that recline on Golden Hour, while the brothers in boom-bap bang out a sturdy beat on The Weight.

Their sound begins to vary as Spirits floats through on a cloud of warm saxophones and subtle vocal flourishes that could accommodate Kweli’s beautiful lines on Memories Live as well as Common’s passionate delivery on The 6th Sense. The drum and bass break they transition into towards the song’s peak provides an unexpected twist, but breaks up the album’s flow as the song transitions into The Numbers Game‘s kooky loops. A heavy break anchors the self-explanatory Funky Boom, whilst The Heist serves up head-nod dramatics with that old movie feel, followed by some samba sounds on ADHD.

As Moments In Space and Time reaches it’s conclusion, the album’s first single Inner Worlds sets that cymbal swing to good use; with warming synth melodies to compliment the bassline, and balance the clanging perussion; leaving the appropriately titled EndJam to keep your head rocking as a busy jazz break pumps under light guitar licks and the LP draws to a close. After putting in two years of work on this new project, The Boomjacks have assembled a solid beat tape that promises many more good things to come; although more experimentation and wider sample-base could take their music to the next level in the future.

You can get the album here, paying whatever price you feel is fair.




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