Hosie : Hip Hop Lives / Rhyme Club

Hosie 7 Front

If you’ve been listening to this music for years this new record’s going to take you right back to fat trainers with no laces and JB loops; if you’re new then Rhyme Club is a fitting introduction to the foundations; one that’ll have you saving for SL12’s and battling kids outside your local Spar to recreate KRS and PM Dawn in no time. Glasgow producer Hosie has linked with some quality U.S emcee’s for his latest vinyl single, which brings you two new tracks of fun-loving old school Hip Hop with sounds that were born in a basement but destined for a dancefloor.

The title track reminds ‘whatever your perspective of Hip hop is, let me tell you this man, Hip hop lives’ as Italian producer JP Balboa’s funky brass bounds along and Mr fantastic’s cuts make for a classic chorus. Hosie’s dope delivery comes chilled, with rhymes that fit the production so well you’d think he’d made the beats himself. Unsurprisingly Akrobatik kills his verse, with ill wordplay and a skilful flow that affirms his years spend in the game.

The B Side is even more enjoyable, with a tune that’s so fun it even had me dancing on first play, and I’m more your always-serious-Lets-Get-Free-on-repeat kinda guy. The beat from El-Bomba uses low-end trumpet twiddles like Premo did on Jazz Thing, with a much-loved break to back more fly rhymes from Ugly Duckling’s Dizzy Dustin, Lakai, and Audessy, with every bar possessing the infinitely quotable quality that made Rapper’s delight so dope; ‘I’m a stickler for rhyme, if diggin; was a crime I’d be sick of all the fines.’ Hosie’s new 45 is an opportunity to forget the seriousness and simply enjoy the music for what it is; with a style that presents the antithesis of swag rap in 2014, and an audible appreciation for the culture that spawned it that left me tempted to bump Beats To The Rhyme on max and straight-up mosh with nerdy rap excitement.

You can buy the vinyl here.




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