Mr Rust : What’s The Word?


Upon returning to his home town in Vancouver late last year, Canadian producer Mr Rust went diggin. Rather than hit up the discount spots and dollar bins around his neighbourhood, he took to the streets seeking inspiration, and found it in the city’s bustling train cars, dank subway tunnels and cacophonous traffic jams. Using his phone to make field recordings, he began piecing together What’s The Word by slicing found sounds over loops from his crates, then topping that mix with scratches and vocal samples. The result of his original approach to beatmaking is 8 creatively diverse instrumentals, that offer a breath of fresh air amid this overpopulated online beat market.

Down The Line begins chilled, with clean snares, chopped-and-screwed vocals, and trainline announcements that form a funky rhythm composed of short chops; Trekking Main kicks it old school with an organ-led bounce that pulls along some dope drum sounds adorned by twinkling bell melodies; and the Fork In The Road plods with a goofy charm. Ballet Of The Sidewalk provides a engaging tangent as Rust blends soulful vocal cuts with leaden percussion that clangs with a throbbing tribal cadence; before Home, Tonight cools out with an ambient warmth, it’s tremolo strings dipping in and out of clarity. Record Store Melody bangs out solid breaks with creative drum patterns beneath staccato piano-jazz; before GStyle’s skribbled vocal samples are strewn over electronic fuzz for the bubblegum pop bounce of Dreams Of Jane, then the pair combine to close with Rust’s title track getting a remix from GStyles; adding chilled rhymes atop his already mellow beat.

What’s The Word is definitely worth checking out for some variety in your Hip Hop diet; you can grab it from Rust’s bandcamp,  here.



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