Danny Spice ft Dizzy Dustin : Incredible


Legendary Ugly Duckling MC Dizzy Dustin and seasoned UK Producer and vinyl junkie Danny Spice have combined to release their new limited edition 7″ Incredible via Kista’s Soundweight label. This one-time run of 300 pressings sees Spice looping stripped-back breaks like Herc did back in the day; perfectly recreating the solid funk foundation that established the genre with a cheeky nod to the heavily-sought sound that keeps record collectors diggin regularly. With dope wildstyle artwork from Spek, and quality old school rhymes from Dizzy that flow as groovy as the bassline, there’s no way your head won’t be knocking as Spice scratches Mr Lif on the chorus; and by the time Dustin’s second verse literally begins with ‘verse 2′ the pair’s infectious elation and dedication to the time-honoured tradition of ‘peace, love, and having fun’ is bound to rub off.

The B side gets you the instrumental, and if you’re lucky you can get Kista’s one-off, hand-painted test press; which will be sent at random to one of the 300 that pre-order the 45 here. Alternatively, for heads unencumbered by the lumbering need to feed your phonograph fresh wax, you can grab the digital version from itunes here.




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