Jack Jetson : The Adventures Of Johnny Strange


Entirely produced by Four Owls beat provider Leaf Dog; The Adventures Of Johnny Strange is a mind-mangling mission through the mind of Jack Jetson, who’s natural knack for penning huge choruses to break up his stream-of-consciousness flow makes every tune fresh. Wonderberry sees the Nottingham-born MC pluck colourful words out the ether, combining folklore with everyday mundanity into unpredictable lines;‘Ocean diver, snorkel and kaleidoscope, swim through the portal underwater puffin hydro smoke,  lookin through the microscope, lost in a lost dimension, I cop a ten and plot revenge on your flock of henchmen.’  Leaf Dog’s natural swing breezes in on Blue Moon‘s mid-paced bounce, with steady kicks and sailing strings that spark Jetson’s enthusiastic rhymes; while Strange Ways stacks enough memorable bars to have you quoting for days; as Jetson peppers his verses with creative couplets over Leaf’s brass-strewn stomp.

BVA begins Vitamins with bars that hit harder than the snare; and Jetson’s rhymes come more rooted in reality, firing off speedy lines over modulating piano loops, then continuing the rapid rhymes over operatic overtones on Deep Abyss. On Brain Rot  Jack matches his rhymes against escalating instrumentals as Leaf sources one of the album’s catchiest samples; then proceeds to deliver some dope lines on Stay True, which also marks the welcome return of his singing voice on a chorus that takes you right back to Some People Say. Mushroom Clouds is all about the binge as Jetson’s intricate bars pile on heaps of style and Dirty Dike gets characteristically rowdy, adding to his ever-expanding collection of ridiculously entertaining rhymes that find him tripping in a wigwam and dishing out sound life advice; ‘lets get an ounce of crack and rap the alphabet’.

Mental freedom to create your own reality is the message Jack sends over swaying soul loops on 8 Balls, before dropping drug-addled lyricism like Terence Mckenna blessing the mic on Too Nice; and channelling Aldous Huxley’s words to pry open the doors of perception on Locksmith. Sky Maze is all about the boom-bap bounce, with psychedelic sonnets that ring true ‘Office’s like prison cells, that shit’ll lock you down for life, have you doin time, every single day, 9 to 5.’ Leafy flips a sample that sounds like it was made especially for him on Super Human, providing another heavy hook amid vivid verses that close the LP, making it clear that The Adventures Of Johnny Strange is nothing but wall to wall bangers. Jack Jetson’s content constantly shapeshifts with a smoked-out steez that draws from all corners of his active imagination, flowing like water over Leaf’s soul gems. Since his guest bars on the Brothers Of The Stone banger Cartoon Days, Jetson’s rhymes have grown in depth and delivery, and no doubt as he continues to collaborate with some of the UK’s finest his style will only grow stronger.


The album’s out May 12th on RLD Records, pre-order the physical here, or the digital here.



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