Klaus Layer : Play Me An Old Melody


Since Klaus Layer dropped his Adventures Of Captain Crook tape on Redefinition Records last year, fans have been clambering over themselves for a physical release from the German beatmaker. Never a label that disappoints, Redef have dropped an exclusive 45 featuring two previously unreleased tunes; both of which require a firm neckbrace for repeated listening. Play Me An Old Melody captivates with an understated approach as ascending scratches echo over granular drum loops, and Come Back brings balance to the 7″ with Blu and ScienZe gettin loose over faded horns that sail through the mix; capturing Klaus’s undoubtedly appealing old school leanings. If you’re patiently waiting for new beats from the MPC masters over at Redef, this 45 and the recently reissued Crook tape on green wax will tide you over nicely.

Grab it here.




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