String Theory


Inspired by the science that paved the way for M Theory by briefly unifying quantum mechanics with the accepted scientific model for the universe; String Theory have sought to musically unite the elements that comprise this Hip Hop matrix with their new eponymous EP. Incorporating the  art form’s 5 elements into 12 talented tracks; Swedish producer BBZ Darney & Florida -based MC Hex One have combined forces to craft songs with a keen sense of structure. As one half of Epidemic, and co-founder of Mic Theory Records; Hex One’s palpable determination coupled with his informed perspective lend his rhymes weight. BBZ’s beats are constantly refreshing and diverse; and together they’ve created an EP that’s top notch from top-to-bottom. The title track starts with a subdued, but purposeful attack, with rapid rhymes that take mental gymnastics to keep up with. Hex One melds spiritual truths with prevailing scientific paradigms, then uses his words for entheogenic means on Theory Of Everything. Currents is the first single; serving as a relaxed intro to the pair’s work, DJ Tha Boss blesses the track with some stylish cuts, while BBZ eases off the gas, layering dusty drum breaks under more ill lyricism; ‘Traverse the unknown, expose the atlas, my verses uphold subversive drum-rolls to mould the path with, too bold to catch it, so you worthless clones get shown what rap is.’

The summertime vibe on Intergalactix finds uMaNg and Hex One elucidating their spiritual sides; with ample references to uncommon subjects that might get you diggin’; then BBZ takes a brief turn in tone as the production becomes morose, accommodating Hex One’s contemplative lines on All Beautiful. Canadian MC Halfcut sets off the latest String Theory video release Art Of Rap with steez, then the chorus serves up another portion of tradition with DJ Tha Boss bouncing scratches off BBZ’s hard hitting drums. The mood cools out on Used To Be, with guest bars provided by Self from Canadian crew The Liberators, and Tek-nition, who along with Hex One completes the Epidemic crew. The rhymes linger with the calm confidence, and as the catchy chorus fades and the tune changes Tek and Hex resume right where they left off, joined by D-rev on standout cut Rhythm Of the Planet; with all three emcee’s blessing the mellow beat with elegant flows.

Hex One’s use of rhyme as holistic therapy shines through the frank words he writes on Reminisce. His second verse is the verbal pinnacle of this essential EP, with many pearls of wisdom, only a few of which I can capture here; ‘So what is life? a small phrase containing so much, but what’s the whole fuss, I mean, what’s the trait that made it so rough? why do we hold such, importance for nothing important? thuggin, extortin, the druggin and snortin, our leaders are nothing more than exceptional schemers, less than achievers when we should be professional dreamers.’ 

Lucid Dreams lurches through the ether with BBZ’s use of repetition and low pass filters; and boasts a dope double kick pattern that plods like RZA’s on Can It All Be So Simple. The debated domain that caused a rift between String Theory’s competing scientific interpretations gets a mention amidst floating flute loops on The 11th Dimension; leaving Realities to conclude the project as Hex One’s storytelling abilities transpire, detailing his protagonist’s descent into a personal hell. BBZ’s change up in melody towards the end of the tune echoes L’Orange, as DJ Grazzhoppa riffs off Big Pun’s ‘Harsh realities of life’ line with clinical timing; and as the classic sounds that close the project drain away it’s blatant that String Theory are a duo that deliver. Hex One’s lines form a focused vocal direction brimming with intelligence and rooted in personal truth throughout; and when these traits marry BBZ Darney’s raw yet proficient production they make a musical mix that’s becoming rarer to find. By placing solid, boom bap songwriting skills above flashy displays the two have set in motion a series of events that are sure to manifest in their favour; and hopefully gift us with more quality Hip Hop albums in the process.

The EP is out now on Mic Theory Records , and can be bought direct from their bandcamp.




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