Molecules (The Legion) & Showbiz (D.I.T.C) : Revenge


Illadrenaline records aren’t only sourcing the current cream of the underground crop; they’re also diggin’ vaults and reaching into the past to release rare gems as limited edition 45’s. The latest release to emerge from their archaeological findings comes from NY rap veterans The Legion; who after releasing their début Theme = Echo = Krill on Black Sheep’s short-lived One Love imprint in ’94 are back in full effect. This slice of raw storytelling straight out the Golden Era comes salvaged from sessions at Chung King Studio back in the spring of ’95, and is set to feature on their upcoming Lost Tapes EP. Legendary D.I.T.C producer Showbiz provides his gritty take on the much-used sample Pete Rock would popularize a few years later; while Molecules unfolds an intricate crime saga across his ill verses, delivering vivid wordplay that’s as stylish as it is succinct. Thanks to Illadrenaline, there’ll be no more hunting for that Japanese release of the Diggin In The Crates crew’s All Love album; or making do with the bootleg 12″ to hear this dope throwback’s dusty loops.

If like me, you heard ‘They dun set it, them kids about to get wetted’ and started salivating with scratch anticipation; you can get the 7″ now on limited edition white vinyl.



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