Pete Cannon : Boom Bap Beat Tape Vol 2


The man with the quiff mightier than a herd of stampeding rhinos dropped a new batch of beats yesterday, and unsurprisingly they’re all bangers. After literally just releasing a new album with The Mouse Outfit’s Dr Syntax; Manchester’s best-dressed producer has still found time to assemble eleven storming tracks of boom bap satisfaction for you to dig through, keeping his songs short and neat, with a polished sound that harbours enough grit to leave you screwfaced for weeks. Welcome is that feel-good sound he’s become known for, and a masterclass is the trim function, as a multitude of cuts make up the short loop without feeling cluttered. Josh Clipper stands out for it’s Dilla bounce and beautifully clean drum sounds, Fade demonstrates Cannon’s superhuman ability to take regular beat components, assemble them in a somewhat regular way, and still manage to create something so above and beyond standard it’s mind blowing; and despite a title so foul you can almost smell it, Meat Rack is actually one of the tape’s smoother joints; with a snare that mischievously drops in and out, and a horn arrangement so amazingly simple you’ll wonder what secret sample skills the man’s packing up in that primped bonnet of his.

 After he momentarily steps onto a darker route for T Road‘s haunting organ excursion, the producer brings it back to boom bap basics on Bones; as perfect loop after perfect loop collide into a heady blend of filtered funk, dripping with golden era swing.  Ko Yo acts as prime territory for the MC, as the song surfs a short section of a break, briefly returning to the grimier depths Pete plundered earlier as menacing strings lurk beneath cold piano lines; the track’s momentum only grinding to a halt for a minute mid-way as a well-timed kick scratch teases the beat back in like Ali Shaheed Muhammad did back in the day. Horn Outro dares you to resist flapping your arms about with joy; a feat made near-impossible by the infectious melody the tape ends on. The way in which Cannon creates beats seems specifically designed leave you gyrating uncontrollably like a disco-bound nan off her face on ten Lemsip and dementia; whether you’re looking for new inspiration to lay your rhymes on, or for that party record for both the wind up and the comedown; Boom Bap Beat Tape Vol 2 has got you covered.

Get it for less than a petrol station BLT here.




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