Tsi : Groks & Microns


With a neat sidestep in spelling that circumnavigates the one-hit wonder wackness that ruled the charts last year; Vienna-based producer Tsi has compiled thirteen of his most compelling electronic arrangements into his solo début Goks & Microns. His sample-based soundscapes incorporate field recordings and live instrumentation to create an ambient re-interpretation of the hip hop beatmaking style; echoing the electronic experimentation of Flying Lotus while adhering to a sound entirely his own. As a long-time member of theclosing, a trio of creatives that use art and music as a platform for their individual and collective expression; Luka Lehner’s  first release as an individual producer still retains the group’s aesthetic, remaining unrestrained by genre to push the envelope.

The melodically rich textures found on Groks & Microns are sparsely populated affairs that allow room to breathe within each song’s expansive domain. On tracks like Frozen Trees and Strange Things he builds upon one theme to instill a sense of calm driven by loose, percussive beats; then with the more spaced-out computerized flow of Lisbeth and The Words he sends out signals that are as soothing as they are danceable. Float is a definite highlight, combining the loop-based programming of Shigeto with Tsi’s own wintery sounds to match the album’s glacial cover art, and transport you to a cool, clean headspace like binaural beats through headphones. The overall sound remains frostbitten but brings a warmth, with varied drum sounds that are constantly interesting as his beats never stay in one sonic sphere for too long; making each track a distinctive journey into the mind of one of ambient Hip Hop’s more creative up-and-coming producers.

The album came out March 10th on Austrian indie label Duzz Down San, and you can grab a copy for whatever price you feel is fair, over at his bandcamp.




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