Robot X Shuffle : MF DOOM Remixes.


The fine Hip Hop minds behind Hobo Truffles Ode To Ghana LP are back at it again; this time remixing the Supervillain’s instantly recognisable rhymes with some more of their inimitable beats.

Melody goes to show that Robot Orchestra and Shuffle Jack can flip anything and have it be an interesting composition that reshapes the sample material into a new form; it also provided the pair the much-coveted opportunity to create a killer comic-book intro to accompany DOOM’s larger than-life character. Viktor Vaughn himself has done this numerous times to perfection, but with this latest free mix, Robot X Shuffle join the likes of Grip Grand amongst the slim ranks of producers that have successfully payed homage to DOOM’s style; sampling daytime TV dramatics that loudly exclaim the arrival of the ‘metal-faced terrorist’, and although he can’t ‘claim responsibility’, I’m sure Dumile would approve of the new twists the producers put on his animated accapellas. The beat is busy, with loose percussion that twirls around you, as orchestral symphonies strive for your attention and continental crooners serenade the ear in between DOOM’s deft verses. Their take on De La Soul’s Rock CoCane Flow floats along with an extraterrestrial sci-fi steez; the stop-start nature of the original feeling less jolting on this reworking; the pair programming hi hats and bells with patterns more interesting than cymatics.  The beat has a swing that falls over itself and compliments the more unorthodox elements of DOOM’s flow, then miraculously seems to fall back into place just in time for the De La MC’s to rhyme.


Robot Orchestra’s ambitious remix of Gazillion Ear takes Dilla’s lounge organ beat, files it away neatly; then begins a completely new page in the song’s history book, taking the accapella away from the Napoleon Dynamite-esque sounds of the original and towards a whole new paradigm. Using loose, rolling snares and beefy kicks that surreptitiously lay under stealthy organ melodies, this remix makes DOOM come across lyrically like James Bond’s Hip Hop cousin from the rough part of town; creeping through the London night with a swanky suit, a mouth full of beer, and a mask full of blunt smoke as he spills lyrical gifts left and right and tries to fuck his secretary. The melodies and steady bass of the middle section build slowly, forming a theatrical tension before Robot Orchestra releases those marching drums  on you once again, DOOM’s rhymes picking up momentum as the song gets it’s second wind. Pair any decent producer with MF; remix or collab, and I’m on board. Getting remixes of this calibre out of the blue from two of the instrumental Hip Hop scene’s best is enough to satisfy any instrumental head or dedicated DOOM fan.

Check out the mixes in full, and grab yourself a free download here.


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