J-Live : Money Matters


Now you could
Turn bread to fish and water to wine. But you
Can’t turn the sun dial from 10 to 9. You can
Throw on a throw back and press rewind but it’ll
Never be the same sunshine.”

If you ever got into J-Live’s classic second LP from back in 2002 All Of The Above, you definitely won’t be disappointed to find out that in 2014 the man is still spitting straight from the heart with his eyes wide open. His new single Money Matters, taken from his forthcoming album Around The Sun, and produced by Oddisee; one of Mello Music Group’s foremost creative talents and consultant for the label. The tune is a tantalising taster of the flavas J-Live is currently creating; and as usual for the NY MC, his pen addresses life’s struggles with a keen eye for detail and an underlying level of positivity that elevates the whole track. If you’re working in the struggle or struggling to find work this February, Money Matters is sure to be as uplifting to your soul as it is necessary for your ears.

The video’s cool filters and washed-out hue reflects J-Live’s tranquil angle to a T; the calmness and sagely qualities he possesses makes his sound advice all the more worthy of reflection. On this new single he applies his mind to the daily tribulations we all go through; working an un-fulfilling job to fund whatever dreams we might have, supporting our selves and our families, and the pressure we allow to be foisted onto us by invisible numbers and social contracts. The main source of inspiration comes from his position on saving, a fundamental element that has J-Live playing the contrarian to many modern rappers obsession with the material; writing ‘whoever save the most need the least and vice versa, how you puttin things over self and health? you got no time on your watch, no money in your purse, put your cash down son, I’m talkin bout wealth.’ Grown man words that place health over wealth seem to escape the phrases commonly heard in Hip Hop’s mainstream in favour of ‘blowin money fast’ or ‘making it rain’ like boys with too many toys in their greedy hands; so it’s always refreshing to hear an underground MC still showing he’s about integrity after years in the game.

No doubt the album’s going to be dope, so until that blossoms forth in the spring and brings us more fresh lyrics from the man known as Justice Allah, Money Matters will be more than enough mental nourishment to tide us over.

Buy the single for a dollar, and read the excellent lyrics here.


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