Bill Biggz/Mono:Massive/Vinyldigger – It’s Like That


‘An MC, a DJ and a Producer all went into the studio’ might sound like the set up for a wack joke your drunk uncle tells at every family get-together; but it’s actually the set up for the killer new single from Variation Music; It’s Like That. If you checked out my recent feature on Hobo Truffle’s Ode To Ghana beat tape, then Austrian producer Mono:Massive and his lackadaisical reggae-swing that pervaded on Slow It Down will still be fresh in your mind. On this new release, the producer has formed a triplet with two similarly talented, dope individuals to drop a single well worth your attention.

Bill Biggz style is cooler than polar bear’s toe nails, and represents Strong Island with a classic flow with an old-school lean. Kicking out a ‘that-a-that, its like that y’all’ on the song’s chorus without sounding anachronistic or cheesy. In fact the lyrical move was so fitting it had me finishing the well-known rhyme along with him the first time I heard it. His lyricism is never overblown and always sharp, but when it comes to saying what he means, he keeps it blunt. The second verse especially demonstrates his confident flows; “I was born in the 70’s, raised in the 80’s, raised hell in the 90’s’. Stack that fly intro next to his autotune diss and Ricky Rozay impression and this entertaining look into the mind of Biggz proves to be a memorable one that firmly places his name on your radar for future reference. The beat is a similarly frosty affair, the marriage that the producer ministers between boom-bap beats and tuneful timpani melodies gives the track a primal, organic feel that is anchored along the way by the strong foundation the kick and snare provide. Vinyldigger’s scratches are short and neat, echoing Bill Biggz last words and stamping the track’s title into your mental with some clean cuts that come through with heaps of style. He makes it sound effortless as he takes his time putting together some tasty patterns to twist the sample with skill, and is out as quick as he made his entrance; making  for one of the coolest cameos you’ll hear from a DJ this year, and showing signs that he’s clearly overstood the tried-and-tested less is more approach.

The release is another banging track from back catalogue of beats Mono: Massive has accrued; and with the airy, jazz-laced remix included on the digital B Side, the pair make for the perfect lounging playlist. For fans of underground sounds with mellow tones that keep it calm and slouched as they shuffle along slow like zombies staring at their smartphones; It’s like That is a no-brainer.

Grab this name-your-price release here.




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