Panther God : Dreamatone


Imagine in the future hovercars have exhausts as remnants of a bygone era; similar to the way we still have a tailbone. Now imagine Dilla, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and Ochre all shared a hover-cab in that mad Jetsons utopia. If you could get up real close and listen; Panther God would be the sound gently humming from their exhaust as they cruised away on the cosmic nebulae. His music may be Hip Hop production from the future; but his past hasn’t always been as promising as his present. Before the producer had created the two tracks that would comprise his new Dreamatone single, he was homeless. He had gone from sharing a stage with Bonobo, Prefuse 73, Daedelus & Glitch Mob to moving about from couch to couch to find shelter, and nursing his wounds after his 4 year relationship had met it’s untimely demise. Then he had a vivid dream; in it he saw and heard a particular chord movement; a sequence of notes that would subsequently provide the title track for his first release of 2014, and become one of his most exciting and vital instrumentals yet.

Dreamatone is an exciting first taste of the flavours to come from the Florida native, with a sweeping scope unbound by the song’s short duration; showing clearly that Panther God’s potential for crafting technically proficient tunes that still pack that bump to get you moving is only at the beginning of it’s ascension. The song itself moves and shifts like dreamscapes do; an amorphous composition that defies itself to take shape over the course of the track, as the sounds flow inward then grow organically out of themselves like toroidal energy.


Thomas Young’s double slit experiment comes to mind when trying to pin down the exact elements that compose Dreamatone’s sound through conscious observation; it’s a distinctive groove created using only a computer and Roland’s Juno 60 keyboard that meshes musical elements together in the cleanest of ways. Probing electronic bleeps whirl through the song’s headspace; battling with stammering cymbal work, amazingly anachronistic pop claps, and distorted, funky basslines for dominance in your joyfully cluttered spectrum of hearing. Thankfully for us, the result of the artist’s personal trough has birthed a creative peak that defies genre and undulates with possibility. As to whether Dimethyltriptamine, connection with his higher self, or divine inspiration was the intrinsic source of his dream that night remains to be seen; but the old adage ‘sleep on it‘ combined with the power of the subconscious is as intriguing to the mind as the man’s music is to the ear.

Whatever the source 0f Dreamatone‘s metaphysically magnetic draw; the song itself holds much weight in the physical world, and shines with a light as clear as day. If you’re into Electronic, Hip Hop, Chiptune, or straight-up just love music, you need to keep an eye our for his full length Golden Changes when it drops on March 4th; and the talented producer’s penchant for audible exploration is fully actualised.


Buy the single straight from the man’s label here when it’s released on January 7th. 10% of all sales will be donated to help with the conservation of Florida Panthers.





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