Leaf Dog: Electric Soul Tape.


Leaf Dog dropped a new beat tape on his bandcamp, and obviously it’s funky as fuck, and smooth as hell. I’m not really too into blind consumerism but in this case I’m sayin take your money, and throw it at this man so he can keep blessing our ears with beats and rhymes.

Electric Soul Tape is one Fourth of the Four Owls putting together some seriously ill rhythms that sound as effortlessly cool as ever. Despite the laidback sound, Leaf’s capabilities have come about with effort and determination. it’s no accident that he’s become one of the best producers in Britain or abroad and has been on a constant rise since forming RLD with BVA and Naive. He’s Spent years making multiple beats a day to master his craft, and contributed hugely to UK Hip Hop over the last few years with the moves he’s been making; linking the UK and US on his tracks, supplying some of the best UK MC’s with crazy beats to destroy, judging competitions and open mics, performing with Brothers Of The Stone, as a solo artist and with Four Owls, and reppin real Hip Hop every fuckin day. Leaf Dog  deserves massive respect and all the rewards he can reap for his hard work  and tireless love of the culture.

Electric Soul Tape is the first instrumental collection he’s put out since last years A Day At The Qwinky Markethis beats are omnipresent throughout not only UK hip hop but internationally, he’s produced for Kool G Rap, Rass Kass, U God, Styles P, Diamond D and more. His loose fitting production style is instantly recognizable on songs like Is It Me?  and Summer Days; sounding like the beat equivalent of his peerless rapping style. The new tape keeps it varied and changes it’s flavour with each song; his kicks swing hazily back and forth with the warm melodies he chooses, he builds songs with instrumentation, and imprints his own indelible mark upon the samples he selects. At least once or twice on every Leaf Dog release the music  forces me to close my eyes and nod along with neck-breaking force, the teasingly short interlude Suddenly was the first, and The Wizdom was the second zoned-out moment for me on his new tape. The hook’s infectious, and his placement of the vocals is so perfectly catchy it’s crazy, if you haven’t heard his music before, take a sec to go listen to this track, and in it’s Two minute running time you’ll see why instrumental Hip Hop’s the shit and so is Leaf. Soul-Side was another crest in this wavy mix of beats, on which he samples a different sound from the usual vocals he favours, and makes a banging loop that glides over drums that are effective in their simplicity.

As with his previous production this new tape shows his skills at both ends of the beat making spectrum; he’s adept at arranging complex samples with various vocal lines into one hook on tracks like That Feeling, but when it suits he can take a loop, then add or subtract parts from it to form the melody, and still keep things interesting with the drum patterns. He does the latter deftly on Snow Drops and Work Rate, another interlude that could be elongated into a full song and sound just as full with no variation in the pattern or addition of instruments.

Once again his workrate and quality of music is unmatched in the beatmaking game right now. His kick placement alone on Electric Soul Tape was enough to keep me fully engrossed for the duration. If you want to chill to some uplifting vibrations it’s perfect, or if you’re an MC and want to go off over some of the best beats in the country, Leafy’s got your back once again.

Buy it for just Seven quid here.




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