Se Con D Dr Op


Yesterday Blah records put out the second Herrotics LP. You should put it in your ears like cotton buds. Except unlike cotton buds, Se Con D Dr Op  packs in 14 tracks of raw rap straight from Manchester’s underground, doesn’t cram wax deeper into your hearing holes, and doesn’t make you sound like a fairy when you bring it up in conversation.

After hearing Clear Day a month ago I quickly made a mental note to keep an eye out for anything this crew were up to. The Three man team of AGN, PROSPECTS-NAPALM and ORDELL DUKE put together this Three minute slice of rap satisfaction entirely themselves from the ground up. Shooting, directing and editing the video, putting the beat together on the Mp and then layering their lines on top. It’s real cool to see a collective taking creativity firmly into their own hands and having the confidence to put together a project from start to finish on a low budget and make it work well.

Even though the album starts upbeat and smooth, from track Two it’s a guided tour of the gutters and rainy pathways the backroads of any UK cityscape provide for inspiration. Production comes mostly from inside the camp, with a few highly notable exceptions. Reklews, Evil Ed, Big Red and Hey! Zeus contribute a track each. Each beat slams, the drum samples are ill, the scratching’s got a real cool old school stomp to it and the bars are rowdy and confident. Pallet Rock and Cartoon hit harder than Tyson after finding you in bed with his misses flexing in the mirror with black biro scribbled round your eye. Vault, Drycake and Approx offer a more relaxed feel and are perfect for zoning to, and all the musical interludes are more entertaining than those skits where DMX used to personally threaten God; Trition especially screaming to be turned into a full song.

Blah records have always put out quality underground dopeness featuring some of the filthiest sounding beats in Britain; the new Herrotics is no different, there’s moments on Se Con D Dr Op that make you wana sit in a bin screwfaced; cramming cold chips through your clenched teeth as you pick them out of the discarded plastic tray-come-ashtray you found them in. Levell is one of those moments, the second video release Odder is another.

Overall it’s a solid sophomore release, keeping Herrotics firmly in place on the ones-to-watch list over the next year. If their production stays this tight, and they keep making their art for the love, they can’t go wrong. If your feelin the tunes buy it here, Or if you’re standing in a public place reading this on your phone so you don’t look catastrophically unpopular, avoid eye contact with strangers further by Tweeting them to show support and tell em I sent you.




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