Escape Music.


Today, Manchester Nonet The Mouse Outfit released a new music video featuring Dr.Syntax, and reminded me how flat-out-amazing Escape Music is. Despite the album being released back in May, I figured as I still can’t afford to buy the fuckin thing, and with it’s imminent release on double vinyl; maybe I could take a few minutes to convince you to fork out for it, or at least alleviate my frustrations at having to spend my last tenner on petrol rather than Hip Hop.

If you’re not a DJ, or you happen to be operating under the gross misconception that vinyl isn’t the best format on the planet; scrape together Seven quid for the CD version, and treat yourself to Nineteen tracks of chilled out vibesin from a band and production team that blend together some of the most beautiful beats Britain has to offer. The group create that unprocessed, chopped up Hip Hop sound of the Golden Era, then gloss it over with a clear layer of silken soul that makes songs like Built In A Day the finely honed slices of sound they are. There hasn’t been a mellow UK Hip Hop album that sounds this complete for time, especially one with different MC’s bringing varied rhyme styles that still merge into the overall  ambiance Escape Music creates.


 Dr Syntax has been playing live with the band for a while now. With them backing his material and him performing the songs he wrote for theirs. His matter of fact flow propels the vintage soul on Stay With Me along nicely, and his contribution to the title track  secures it’s station as one of Escape Music’s best tracks. To be honest though; on an album this consistently amazing every song’s bringing something tasty to the table.

Shak Out features the younger half of their live MC duo, Sparkz. Who establishes himself with the quickness as one of the album’s most promising features, bringing BiiiG style over a mellow double bass driven melody. His collabs with fellow Manchester based MC Dubbul O on Never Get Enough & Children Of The Stars  are definitely highlights; along with the smooth vibes Black Josh rides on Air Max, and the almost lounge jazz-esque sample that Know My Face  offers. Sounding like some spitters bursting into a smoke-filled piano bar in the 30’s and unloading some bars of their own. On top of that, Sammy B Side tears up some samples on It’s Gonna be On. The only thing that could’ve made The Shaman a more entertaining song is if Dick Trusay himself  had showed up to offer some gems, to compliment Syntax’s lines, and Raise Your Hands is vintage UK Hip Hop.


The music is flawless, The guests are universally talented, and whether you wana be chillin to some reggae, gettin deep to dub, or taking in that smoothness of the 90’s Eastcoast, The Mouse Outfit have you covered. So the next time you go to buy a ten bag, a few pints, or splash out on a Chinese to demolish in a one-man whirlwind of shame and ecstasy, put your cash back in your pocket, get online, and get yourself a musical escape instead.




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