New Book Thieves.


Legoman and Ol-E Mac dropped a thick, hazy new number a few days ago. It’s the first new material we’ve had from the duo in 7 months, and it’s the best material they’ve released to date. Hip Hop is all about personal progression; and that’s exactly what The Book Thieves have done with Written On The Wall, they both flow tighter and with more force. The rhymes themselves interlink seamlessly from line to line, both MC’s have upped their rhyme-per-bar quota, flowing with style; and with German producer Mafegi providing the landscape for them to lay their lyrical structures over, they’re on fine form. 

So sit down before I spike your wine with water,

the powers of Poseidon links the forms that Wu Tang taught ya,

and when I find my chamber,

the calm before the fall, I want the first lines of Re-United written on the wall.”


Thematically they keep their honesty and empathetic style present and correct, covering life’s struggles with an emotional connectivity that draws you into the pictures they’re painting instantly. There’s no bravado here, but they’ve definitely found a strength in their delivery and a personal confidence that was previously less conspicuous. The Book Thieves are coming into their own and it’s bless to hear; keep an eye on them for big things in the coming months, hopefully the ‘double LP, we’re all excited’ line the chorus alludes to is a sign of things to come.



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