Warm Up: Caxton Press – This Ain’t Living / Hunger.


“Imagine thinking living was millions of televisions, a repetition of everything that you ever been in”

This Ain’t Living is huge. Faulty Click’s beat is massive in scope, the bars are heavy in content, and the release is the closest conscious UK Hip Hop has come to a viable radio single in years. eMCee Killa and Manage pack more genuine sociological comment into a sixteen than most politicians articulate in a lifetime. Both dropping compelling verses that diagnose the disposablity of consumerism, puppet democracies and healthcare privatization.

Amy True keeps it understated to great effect on an inescapably catchy chorus that is never in danger of exploding into cringeworthy hysteria or slipping into ephemera. She’s single-handedly resurrecting the concept of a talented female MC with integrity and skill, that’s been largely absent in Hip Hop since the queen of the Tranzlator Crew’s absence. Positive elevation for women is something rarely presented outside of the exploitative avenues society shepherds it’s young and insecure down; so it’s refreshing to see female intelligence and skill valued higher than the base frequencies commercial rap demands women resonate at. Start your day with a brew and this song and you’ll be uplifted and ready for whatever by the time the kettle’s boiled.

Never feeling good enough, learn about your history, understand the reasons how you think and act, fact, yeah that is your mystery. You’re very beautiful, and every single one of us, our time on earth is critical. So let’s slow it down, so I can tell you ’bout, how we’re all magnificent, and we should all be wearing crowns


The highly charged positivity of This Ain’t Living dissipates into a stark realism on the AA side Hunger. The production is given a gritty depth by Apollo, one sixth of the UK supergroup Champions Of Nature. The UK hip hop don proves he’s still on point by fashioning a raw rhythm for the trio, which sees each member pouring onto the page with no pause for a chorus. Tracks like this are what underground Hip Hop was built on; stripped back beats that create a vibe but leave plenty of room for MC’s to craft intricate bars. Keep an eye out for the Globalfaction directed video set to drop in a few weeks.

By this point it shouldn’t come as any surprise that in 2012 Amy True was voted best female artist in Wordplay Magazine, and the group’s ‘Shame The Devil’ release won their reader’s vote for best hip hop album that year. They have provided support for major tours from underground kings Jedi Mind Tricks and Immortal Technique, to legends Ultramagnetic MC’s and The Pharcyde; all backed by DJ Snuff on the ones and twos, and a 5 piece live band. The last year also found the crew having their music inducted into the British Library’s Sound and Culture exhibit and garnering the admiration of countless new fans. One of the biggest and most vocally supportive being the Public Enemy General himself, Chuck D.

Chuck D + Caxton Press

The attitude Adam Curtis dubbed ‘Oh Dearism’ is more heavily ingrained into the stereotypical British demeanour than the ability to stand up confidently and articulate a strong counter-opinion. Caxton Press are standing up tall; a vital part of a growing underground movement within UK hip hop over the last few years that brings intelligent lyricism back to the forefront. Self determination and education is the call here; and it booms loud over Two disparate beats, from One group, with Three highly talented MC’s.

Catch them live with End Of The Weak at Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch this Saturday at their single and video release show.

Pre order the 12″ here.

Check out the video for This Ain’t Living, and buy the digital single from itunes when they both drop on the 21st!



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