Review: NLP/ Free Your Mind E.P


Three pound can’t buy you fags, a sandwich from a garage, put much electricity on your meter, get you a train ticket to anywhere, or buy you a round of shots to lure the girls down the pub back to your lair; thankfully it will get you the new NLP EP. So if all those problems leave you stuck indoors and disillusioned, you can shut the curtains, turn your phone off, smoke a spliff in your pants and spend an hour with people sick of sippin from the same vat of shit we’re all drinking from.

The beats are all kept within the crew, the family Leaf providing most of them, as with Piff’s EP and the B.O.T.S. recent banger the three brothers continue to smash every track with force yet come across more relaxed than a hotboxed car full of sloths sniffing poppers.

‘Money’s Gone’ breaks down the engineering of economics from the lenders to the struggles of the debtors over sloppy organ stabs. Smellington Piff on fine form again when bringin social commentary. Everyone bitches about being fucked by the economy, few go learn the ins and outs to see how their trousers got round their ankles in the first place; and despite them being young, the MC’s come with a perspective that a lot of guys older then them have yet to realise.

‘Creatures Of The Swamp’ is full of funk, and features some nicely placed samples to break up the verses. ‘White Witch Of Rose Hall’ sees the crew addressing the more ethereal side of life over one of the EP’s nicest beats; someone should strap headphones to Derek Acorah’s head and bump this to show him you can discuss other dimensions and occult topics without overacting like a twat. ( If he’s a medium NLP are LAAARGE *gun noises* )

There is some ground they tread lyrically that’s been walked over so much it’s become a public footpath in UK hip hop; but somehow  ‘Narcotised’ doesn’t sound contrived, and their bash at storytelling on ‘Led Astray’ is rowdy and constantly entertaining; especially with Dike’s little cameo as Kenny. ‘Primitive’ and ‘Do Your Head In’ keep things cheeky, and the whole thing’s got that classic underground british steez to it.

The Four man crew show heaps of character on the mic,  and hold your attention over varied beats that make releases like ‘Free Your Mind’ what the underground’s all about. There’ll always be media-informed public opinion that ‘opening your mind’ is codeword  for gettin on the dole, hitting trees when you’re not in the woods, ‘lazing about’ and ‘not contributing’; but fuck that opinion. If you know what’s real in music, you know what’s real in life, and these boys have got a firm grasp on both.



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