Smellington Piff E.P.


Smellington Piff makes me wish I hadn’t quit smoking last month. The RLD MC smokes and spits his way through four summertime bangers, all produced by Leaf Dog; the UK’s go to guy for anything soulfully slamming over the last year. I almost snapped my neck nodding so hard to the first track, and with Piff’s opener; ‘This beat is so raw, makes me wanna jump up and headbutt the wall’, anyone into the boom bap era of realness is assured they’re in the company of heads. The video he released last month for the first single ‘Piff Land’ is a perfect illustration of where the E.P is coming from stylistically; packed to the brim with weed references throughout, and perfect for a hazy British afternoon basking.  Easily the stand out track for me is ‘Red Button’, offering a nice break from the audible wreck up to address corporate greed and the growing divide between rich and poor in Britain; without ever coming across too David Icke about it. The last track staggers the E.P. home with an ode to drug-fueled festival fuckery rapped with maximum style; with Piff coming clearer than the mind state his words conjure. With Two instrumentals, an acapella and a nice little cardboard case, this package is one definitely worth the money. Looking forward to his verse on the Brothers of the Stone album dropping in a few weeks on High Focus.

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